Back in the day when online music streaming apps like Spotify wasn’t a thing, Windows users often ditched Windows media player for another, the iconic Winamp. 

Winamp was popular due to multiple features, including skin, plug-in support, and other customizations. Well, that was then, and online music streaming is now the future. 

But just as it happens, Winamp announced its return, teasing in its social media channels that the company would be rebuilding the app and will be “remastered” for the future generation. The company said it would be an “innovative refresh of the world’s most iconic audio player.”

Details are yet to be provided, but they did hint that it will bring customers to their favorite artists and it will be home to music podcasts and radio stations. Through the app, artists and audio creators will be empowered by letting them control the content and be connected with fans, and earn income. 

Winamp, a popular media player for Windows, will soon relaunch and is now accepting registration for its upcoming beta test.

Seems the hints point out Winamp will be joining Spotify and Deezer as an audio streaming platform but significantly delivering something unique. 

Those curious to find out what Winamp could be offering exactly, interested users can sign up as a beta tester here.


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