With the ongoing pandemic driving the entire world to be more heavily dependent on the Internet, the field of cybersecurity is turning into a battlefield as online crimes continue to skyrocket.

In this context, cybersecurity experts are becoming more in demand. So if you are thinking of taking up a cybersecurity career, this is the right time, and here are some valuable takeaways to help you decide.

Stable Career

Cybersecurity is a promising career because of the high demand here and abroad. The IT industry will not go away even after the pandemic is over. The entire world is now more reliant on technology and online crimes are becoming more aggressively rampant.

High Salary

Cybersecurity is a challenging field that requires patience and dedication, which is why it is among the jobs that pay well. The more years of experience you have, the better salary you earn.

Here is an overview of the average monthly salary of most common jobs in cybersecurity based on Salary Explorer:

  • Information Security Analyst: P51,200 (typical monthly earnings around P23,500 to P81,300)
  • Security Engineer: P36,700 (typical monthly earnings around P16,900 to P58,300)
  • Information Security Specialist: P52,600 (typical monthly earnings around 24,200 to 83,700)
  • Security/IT Director or Manager: P64,300 (typical monthly earnings around P29,600 to P102,000)

Unlimited growth potential

Cybersecurity grows as technology grows. As a field, it involves learning new technologies, security systems, platforms, and techniques.

Being a professional in cybersecurity means learning never stops as well as the unique experiences that come with it.

Personal and career growth in this field is timeless, suitable for those who want to stay engaged and challenged.


Unlimited potential growth also comes with various job opportunities for a naturally broad field.

You can specialize in software security or network security or venture into working with innovations such as modern cars or specialized smartphones.

You cannot be bored in this career as long as you choose the specialization that interests and works for you.


We all know how vital establishing security is in the realm of technology, and cybersecurity reflects this, even though it’s unnoticeable for those who are benefitting from it. This includes preventing online threats on the Internet to beefing up existing security systems.

You know you’ve done a positive change as a pen-tester to determine possible security breaches that would save the company from dealing with damages. Cybersecurity as a career is a daunting but also rewarding and exciting industry to get into.

Do you think these all attract you to consider cybersecurity as your chosen career? In that case, you should think long and hard as well, as these takeaways suggest that cybersecurity is a serious business.

If you’re interested in this field, you should be analytical, diligent, patient, detail-oriented, altruistic, cool-headed, skeptical, competitive, outside-of-the-box thinker, and responsive.

Otherwise, it would be best if you were not: complacent, inflexible, uncommitted, passive, highly sensitive, and imprudent.


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