Meme content is more than just a social media trend as it has evolved into a form of communication that our peers and like-minded friends can relate to.

But make no mistake that it only aims to share a humorous point. Memes can also be used to manipulate information and influence netizens in some way or another.

Talkwalker’s recent study showed that memes could also be used to “manipulate the mindset of viewers” and “normalize extreme behavior.”

Much of such malicious content are usually politicized, with the top topics being COVID-19, the economy, and politics.

Experts believe that meme content will become widely used as a way to influence people as time goes by.

As a general rule, it’s good to be cautious of whatever comes on the internet when navigating online.

There are various forms of communication nowadays. It’s also harder to classify that what you see, read, or listen to is only at face value.

But if being cautious all the time isn’t your thing, then only treat memes as nothing more than making a satire out of everything and never take it seriously, even if you think they’re making a good point.

Taking a little more research about certain topics, even those that are conveyed in meme format can do so much to not lure you into believing content that might have malicious intent.


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