A recent assessment of last year’s mid-term elections shows that most Filipinos now prefer automated polls since their introduction in 2010, making the Philippines the first country to do so on a nationwide scale in Asia.

The credibility study of the 2019 mid-term elections by Dr. Ador R. Torneo and Prof. Topin S. Ruiz of the Department of Political Science at De La Salle University, showed that automated elections bring credibility transparency, accuracy, and speed of releasing results over the past four elections.

Automated elections raised the quality of how citizens choose their leaders. They offer transparency and allow for a faster and more efficient way of canvassing votes.

While they might not be 100% perfect, automated elections are more accurate. History shows that manual counting is prone to human errors and these are reduced with the help of automation and its security features.

Automated elections enable a transparent, accurate, and faster voting process, all of which appeal to many Filipino voters who have been sick and tired of the country’s long history of election-related irregularities.


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