Backing up your data is essential in information technology 101. It is either a proactive or a reactive measure to prevent data loss. While important, some users overestimated it and presumed that it is enough.

With technology rapidly evolving, backing up as your only data to protect it from malware is no longer enough.

Consider a hypothetical circumstance wherein your computer got attacked by ransomware. You would typically reset your device by reinstalling the operating system then restoring the infected data through backup.

The main issue here is that restoring data would take time. As a cautious person who is afraid of losing data, I make backups on cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive, and then make a physical backup on a storage drive.

In the case of businesses, it doesn’t look good for large companies to stop operations just because of security breaches, leaving customers unsatisfied and waiting for your business to be back online. Firms need a continuity plan to resume operations as soon as possible.

These days, cybercriminals are already aware that businesses and individual users are already smart enough to back up their data somewhere.

Cybercriminals, however, are also one-step ahead and might have already installed malware on your backup device even before you know it.

This means that you’ll need more than just a simple backup-and-restore plan. You’ll need software that readily detects and removes malware on your devices and data that you want to restore.

Backup software developer Acronis says that an effective backup solution should also be capable of detecting malware actively. It should be able to remove the threats even before they begin attacking your system and restore any files that were already damaged before the attack was detected and stopped.

Knowing that my way of backing up data is not enough is disheartening at first but enlightening at the end of the day as I learn that software companies are also coming up with solutions that address both backup and security amid the rapidly changing world.


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