Cybersecurity giant White Ops announced a change of its name as “HUMAN” to represent its values, employees, and the digital community it protects.

This rebranding embodies its commitment to equality and diversity. It highlights its renewed pledge to bring out its long-held mission to protect enterprises from cybercrimes and keep internet experiences human. Moreover, it emphasizes its plans to reinforce the mission by infusing humanity into all-digital experiences.

“Knowing who’s real is among a handful of enduringly hard problems on the internet. The potential economic impact is surreal, and so is the impact to modern security,” said Tamer Hassan, CEO and co-founder of HUMAN.

“If you could look like a million humans online, what could you do? The answer is a lot of bad things. And that’s why the work we do is so important,” Hassan added.

HUMAN now verifies the humanity of over ten trillion interactions per week to protect several big enterprises and internet platforms. The company further aims to implement additional measures to further bolster its vision of equality and diversify its team, including a newly created role to champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Training and Development.

Read further from CEO Tamer Hassan’s blog post to know more about White Ops becoming HUMAN.

To see what being HUMAN means to their employees, check out the hashtag #KeepItHUMAN or via Twitter.


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