WhatsApp chat history encryption

WhatsApp intends to better secure users’ backup messages or chat history, the biggest loophole since its previous encryption rollout on private messages, with the rollout of end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

Previously, WhatsApp launched E2EE for private messages. Now, the company will be making user’s chat history more protected by adding the same encryption to messages initially saved through cloud-based services.

The encryption disables access for WhatsApp nor the backup service provider, leaving users the access to their saved messages or chat history alone and the backup encryption key that comes along with it.

This encryption feature works on both iOS and Android, with each user having their unique, randomly generated key. Users can either manually secure this key or lock them up with a user password.

To benefit from this feature, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Enter your password, which is encrypted and then verified by the Backup Key vault.
  • Once the password is confirmed, the Backup Key Vault will send the encryption key to the WhatsApp client.
  • With the key in hand, the WhatsApp client can then decrypt the backups.

The feature will soon be available on both mobile platforms in the coming weeks. For more details about this new feature, read WhatsApp’s whitepaper here.


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