All-time greatest professional boxer and politician Senator Manny Pacquiao announced a new digital payment venture called PacPay which is expected to roll out by 2021.

While there’s no concrete functionality about this new platform, it is implied to be bringing a new all-around e-wallet app and establishing closer relationships among involved parties.

PacPay would gather influencers, brands, and fans worldwide, and provide a cross-border financial transaction. The platform aims to help local businesses connect to global influencers as well as help overseas Filipino workers (OFW) with their financial transactions.

PacPay will use cryptocurrency tokens called Pac Tokens to gain access to these services. Another notable feature is its unique rewards program where users can access perks such as autographed merchandise and tickets.

PacPay is under Pacquiao’s fintech company, Pac Technologies, which has already partnered with a fintech remittance company called Remsea to facilitate both companies’ initiatives.

Pacquiao added that this venture would include giving away part of the proceeds to charity projects.

To know more details about PacPay and Pac Token, visit its official website (


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