The latest generation of mobile technology has come to the Philippines and has been expanding across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who are still unsure of investing in 5G, consider the following benefits about 5G and understand more as to why it has the edge over its precedent 4G.

Faster download and upload speeds

Users who had already gotten their hands on 5G technology by buying a 5G-enabled SIM card and smartphone would enjoy nearly instantaneous connectivity overall with less delays and buffers.

This is because 5G comes with stronger bandwidth, capable of delivering up to 20Gbps (Gigabits-per-second) peak data rates.

Better hotspot

Better connectivity means a better wireless hotspot, as 5G promises to offer higher capacity than 4G.

5G serves on par with other home connection services such as broadband. 5G is currently marketed as a home Internet service such as Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G.

Uninterrupted online activities

5G stands out as it brings optimal streaming quality to high definition content on high-resolution displays, thanks to virtually zero lag times.

5G can also provide seamless connection when it comes to video calls, with support for cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D.

Utilize cloud technology better and faster

Many of us are aware of just how beneficial cloud technology has been in our daily lives.

Our computers and smartphones now employ cloud applications such as Google Drive. With the launch of 5G, more individual consumers and businesses will adopt and enjoy the use of cloud-based applications.

Take advantage of AI and robotics

If you’re the type who doesn’t want to fall behind on what’s new and trending that would eventually impact the future, then getting your hands on 5G is your starting point.

5G is relatively new in the industry and promises potentials in terms of use and viability. 5G can support and improve the use of artificial intelligence and robotics, which would dramatically enhance our quality of life and empower ourselves towards a more intelligent lifestyle.


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