Christmas may have already been over but those who have been frustrated to listen to repetitive carols since the beginning of December might find solace with Google’s new AI (artificial intelligence) called Blob Opera.

The four digital blobs are a bunch of AIs taught to sing like professional singers, namely Cristian Joel for the tenor, Frederick Tong for the bass, Joanna Gamble for the mezzo‑soprano, and Olivia Doutney for the soprano. This quartet of blobs will warble-sing for you depending on how you crank your composition.

You don’t need to learn music theory or be a professional composer to do this as the AI built in the blobs would make them harmoniously in sync.

If you’re proud of what you created out of the singing blobs, you can also share them with your friends and family— may it be out of love or out of playful spite.

And if you’re celebrating Christmas a day late, immediately plug your composition in before someone else will play the same playlist you had enough of.


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