Publicly released by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, the catchy Vietnamese song, patterned its tune from pop song “Ghen” (“Jealous”) by Erik and Min, with dance animation in regards to combating COVID-19 earned more than 2 million views on video app TikTok.

The song visually presents some guidance on how to prevent infection, such as washing hands by “rub, rub, rubbing evenly” and limiting “visits to crowded places.”

“We want the song to give fire and reduce tension for those… leading this fight, including experts, doctors, medical workers and millions of laborers who are on the frontline to fight this epidemic daily,” the health ministry posted in the video’s description. “Vietnam is determined to win this epidemic!”

Vietnam has 16 confirmed cases of the COVID-19, but was soon reported that all those patients have recovered and been discharged.

For a country that shares a porous border with China, it has taken deliberate measures in combating the new virus, such as putting a small village an hour from Hanoi under quarantine after 5 confirmed cases emerged from the location.