VALORANT reveals Episode 4, Act I, new agent, skins, and more!


VALORANT celebrates the new year with new content from Episode 4, Act I Battle Pass. It includes a whole new range of cosmetics, from new gun skins to new player cards! And, of course, a new agent!

This time, Riot Games revealed that it would be adding Filipino Agent, named Neon, to its character roster, alongside the new PROTOCOL Skin Bundle. She’ll be voiced by a fellow Filipino voice actor Vanille Velasquez.


The company aimed to make VALORANT’s new gun skins eye-catching. For instance, its Velocity set comes with a Phantom, Spectre, Short, Bulldog, and a karambit-style melee – they are all pop in four colorways.

Episode 4, Act I Battle Pass, also comes with a buddy, player card, and spray from the Schema and Hydrodip sets. Furthermore, there will be the new Unstoppable // Sage Card, The Bind Schema Card, and the Chicken Out buddy.

Pricing at 1,000 VP, the Episode 4, Act I battle pass will go live in-game in VALORANT by January 11 worldwide. Check out other details about this new battle pass on VALORANT’s official website.