Twitter suspends accounts in war against 'tweetdecking ...

According to a report from The Washington Post on Thursday, there are “hundreds of accounts” that had violated social media platform’s manipulation and spam policies, including that of users supporting the government’s Covid-19 response by defending President Rodrigo Duterte under hashtags posted in Twitter.

The report quoted Twitter that said behaviors violating Twitter’s rules on spam include  posting “duplicate” content across multiple accounts, creating multiple accounts and sending large numbers of unsolicited replies or mentions.

It is under Twitter’s rules and policies that the platform may not be used if it is “intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience.” This prohibits misleading others by “operating fake accounts” which engage in “spamming, abusive or disruptive behavior.”

There are several hashtags both in support and disagreement to the President that had recently went trending on Twitter Philippines, following his late night public addresses on Covid-19. Among of these are #OustDuterte, #IStandWithThePresident, #ICantStandThePresident and #OursDuterte.