Twitch promote streamers

A new feature on Twitch that lets users promote their favorite streamers through money has currently been working on, as confirmed by The Verge.

“We are launching an experiment to a small number of growing channels that enables their communities to purchase promotions to highly visible parts of Twitch,” said a Twitch spokesperson.

In other words, it’ll be a different twist to Twitch’s Boost feature, where it will use actual money rather than Channel Points for the viewers to advertise their favorite streamers. The feature runs through two-tier purchase points within 10 minutes in the stream. It will pop up randomly and may come more frequently according to how many times a streamer goes live. Spending more money on recommendations gets streamers more exposure to the front pages and more impact a boosted stream they will get as well.

According to Twitch, it’s meant for smaller communities to promote up-and-coming streamers. The program is currently being experimented on streamers with less than 250 followers, which will last four weeks. The company also said that there’s no guarantee that the feature will be released sitewide. However, it’s already gaining backlash from the community, especially since creators will receive nothing on the money spent on Boosts.

The critics posit that the feature won’t help small creators to gain followers and earn more incentives, as users won’t likely click on channels they are not familiar with. As a result, it would do more harm than beneficial for new streamers on Twitch.

Instead, the community strongly suggests coming up with an effective algorithm for new streamers to gain reach.


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