There is an issue of trust with the widespread adoption of the government’s official contact tracing app,

Multisys Technologies Corp CEO David Almirol Jr evaluated that the app struggles to grow its user base. Only about 1.1 million people or 1% of the Philippine population have registered to the app so far.

According to Almirol, at least half of the population of 50 million users should use the app for it to become active.

“StaySafe was built to save lives. If Filipinos start trusting Filipinos, I think Filipinos will use it,” he added.

Aside from trust issues, StaySafe .ph’s efficacy was also put into question as a standalone solution to address the COVID-19 in the country.

Ex-undersecretary of DICT Eliseo Rio Jr., the most vocal critic, pointed out how the app relatively has a small number of users and how it lacks 2G compatibility for lower-end phones, which are still used by over 20 million Filipinos.

He also cited potential issues on privacy, as the possible misuse of StaySafe .ph’s data can happen even after users delete the app.


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