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Tourism With Augmented Reality

Courtesy of DOT. Facebook.

Travelers or tourists alike will be experiencing a refreshing and exciting journey this time of the year with a new mobile application developed by a cooperation between Department of Tourism and a Makati-based school specializing in technology.

“Experience Philippines,” is the name given to the application which uses augmented reality (AR). This advancement to deliver a whole new experience in tourism literally means tourists are able to get information and visuals on certain tourist sites. AR the very tech used to deliver a better view of information and images as though you were there, yourself.

The application works on the DOT logo and other sites in the historic Intra­muros in Manila, including the Gallery of Presidents, the Fort Santiago gate, the Ayutamiento, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church and the sites of some churches previously based in the area.

This additional improvement was made in effort in hopes it would attract more tourists to Intramuros, as “they will be able to see how Fort San­tiago and other historical sites looked like before,” said Intramuros Administration chief Guiller Asido.

The application is a way of promoting sustainable tourism, said Raquel Wong, chief operating officer of iAcademy which developed the app, as “it does not require mass print production.”

“With the Experience Phil­ippines app, tourists can relive the past of Intramuros with just a tap on their mobile phone screens,” DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo- Puyat said in a statement. She hoped the AR feature could also be applied to other tourist spots in the country. Just imagine wondering what Taal Lake usually looks like before its volcanoes recently erupted; it was once beautifully-sustained crystal-clear waters abound.

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