October is nearing an end and it also means Halloween! All kinds of people have their own way of celebrating it, may it be through a trick or treat or putting up a scarecrow in their non-existent farm.

But if you cannot do these, here are some free, awesome wallpapers for your smartphone lock screen that can either stun or spook your friends or family members.

1. Fog by Annie Spratt (@anniespratt)

bare tree between road
Taken from New Forest National Park, Lyndhurst, United Kingdom.


2. Bloody Moon by Altınay Dinç (@adinc)

full moon and clouds
Full moon and clouds captured in Turkey.


3. Halloween Macaroons by Damien Creatz (@creatz)

French macaroons and slice lemons
French macaroons and sliced lemons.


4. Lost Places by Denny Müller (@redaquamedia)

grayscale photo of closed window with spiders webs and plants
A grayscale photo of a closed window with cobwebs and dead plants.

5. Dark Hallway by Charles Deluvio (@charlesdeluvio)

dark pathway lit with small light fixture
A dark narrow hallway lit with a small light fixture.

6. Cup of coffee in Fall by Heidi Kaden (@infinitexplorer)

cup of coffee


7. Beware of Spiders Signage by Jen Theodore (@jentheodore)

beware of spiders signage


8. Siamese Cat in a Graveyard by Edward Howell (@edwardhowellphotography)

siamese cat on gray stone during daytime
Owner’s note: I was out taking some pictures in a cemetery and this cat came out of nowhere and scared the living daylights out of me. Lucky it was the nicest cat ever and even gave me a little tour of the place! Taken in Hanwell Cemetery Chapel, London, United Kingdom.

9. Stranger Things by Puneeth Shetty (@puneeth2)

black wayfarer sunglasses on black surface
Black wayfarer sunglasses on the black surface, reflecting Stranger Things title logo.

11. Lit Jack-o-lantern Decor by Annie Spratt (@anniespratt)

lit Jack-o-lantern decor
Halloween spooky pumpkin scarecrow.


12. Cute baby wearing a pumpkin-decorated knit cap by Omar Lopez (@omarlopez1)

baby wearing orange knit cap


13. Drown by Ian (@greystorm)

a person drowns underwater


14. Creepy staircases by Artie Vincent (@scorsesesson)

spiral stair photo
Taken in Ellis Island, United States.


15. Jack-o-lantern by Felipe Vieira (@felpsskater)

orange jack o lantern

Happy Halloween!


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