Tinder ‘Swipe Party’ feature on the works


Tinder is reportedly developing a Swipe Party feature, allowing users to be accompanied by others to evaluate potential matches instead of doing the swiping process alone. Thereby, the swiping could be a group experience.

GratisDatingTips first discovered it in a source code for Tinder’s app for Android platforms. According to TechCrunch, Tinder confirmed the discovery, additionally revealing several references to Swipe Party in the iOS app.

“It seems as if Tinder is looking to make this a virtual experience where a user could invite a ‘guest’ to join their swiping session in order to give their feedback remotely,” said TechCrunch.

This new feature seems to fit their goal to make Tinder a more social platform for users to spend more time on the app.

“We are always exploring features to help our members connect in new, fun ways,” said Tinder to TinderCrunch.

While the Swipe Party feature could be promising as an additional social component, it has been made official if it will be released.