Tinder ID Verification

Tinder announced it will make its ID Verification feature available to all users worldwide “in the coming quarters.”

As the name suggests, the Tinder ID Verification feature allows users to verify their identities in their respective accounts by uploading the required documentation.

This feature has only been exclusive to Japan since 2019, where users used passport or license to verify their accounts. However, the required documentation may depend on the country. Tinder said it would note recommendations from experts and input from its members in choosing documentation needed and setting the local regulations in each area. In addition, Tinder will ensure that its verification process will be as “privacy-friendly” as possible.

With that said, Tinder also informed that this feature would be voluntary by default unless mandated by local laws. This is to provide an option for those who are okay sharing their identities online.

Tinder has been making developments in securing its platform. The app added safety-focused features, including a photo verification system that adds a blue checkmark to users’ dating profiles.


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