Youtube Shorts beta

Youtube finally released its beta version of Youtube Shorts in the Philippines, a TikTok-like video feature to make short, catchy videos straight from your mobile. 

Youtube Shorts beta version allows users to access Shorts’ creation tools. These tools include binding multiple video clips together, recording music, and control speed, among many others. Alongside this new tool, more features will also be available on the platform, which are: 

  • Adding text to specific points in the video
  • Automatically adding captions to Shorts
  • Recording up to 60 seconds with Shorts camera
  • Adding clips from a phone’s gallery to add to recordings made with the Shorts camera
  • Adding basic filters to color correct Shorts, with more effects to come in the future.

It also allows users to sample audio from other Shorts and the billions of videos available on Youtube, giving a unique take on the content they love watching and help find a new audience. 

What’s more, the company is looking into monetizing these Shorts and rewarding creators for their content. One of them is the recent launch of the YouTube Shorts Fund, which amounted to USD100 million. 

Shorts have been within the platform for some time now, providing a different way to show content besides the classic Youtube video. To make it easier for users to watch them, the company will also add a Shorts tab on mobile soon.


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