TikTok teen security

TikTok finally introduced lots of security and privacy controls for teen users aged 13-17 in the platform.

TikTok Security controls include setting accounts of teen users age 16 below private by default, among others. Below is the list of the new security features:

TikTok will now set users’ 16 to 17 age account to ‘No One’ by default. Messaging others requires switching to different sharing options actively. Existing accounts that never used DMs before will also receive a prompt asking them to review and confirm their privacy settings the next time they use this feature.

TikTok provides users the option of sharing their content videos. Teen users will get a pop-up whenever they are ready to publish their first video, asking who can watch it. The video will not be published until they make a selection.

Accounts aged 13-15 are set to private by default, and private accounts can choose to share their content with Followers or Friends, as the ‘Everyone’ setting is turned off. Plus, Duet and Stitch are also disabled for accounts under 16.

TikTok provides additional context to help teens understand how downloads work. Teen users aged 16-17 can choose who can download their public videos. Once the feature is activated, they will receive a pop-up asking them to confirm that choice before others can download their videos. Downloads are also permanently disabled on content from accounts under the age of 16.

TikTok’s period for push notifications is reduced. Users aged 13-15 will not receive push notifications from 9PM and users aged 16-17 will have push notifications disabled starting at 10PM.

TikTok informs that there will also be more updates like these rolling out worldwide over the coming months.


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