There’s nothing satisfying as calling the day with some first-person shooting game session. For FPS gamers out there who are considering to hop on the mobile platform, giving “Call of Duty: Mobile” is worth trying.

Here are some of the things you should know to get started:

System requirements

The game requires 1.6GB of storage and more to play the game, so make sure you have the device capable of booting it up and play it smoothly. Similarly to its desktop parent, Call of Duty: Mobile is a demanding game.

  • System requirements for iPhone:
    • iOS 9 or above
    • iPhone 5S, iPod Air, or iPod touch 6th Generation and above
  • System requirements for Android:
    • Android 5.1 and above
    • Minimum 2GB RAM
    • Dual-Core CPU at 1.2GHz

Logging in

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Unlike its desktop counterpart, there’s no username/password login. It requires you to use Facebook or Call of Duty Activision Account instead.

But if you’re just checking out the gameplay, you can proceed as a guest for the time being. Only take heed that Facebook and CoD account login is required to transfer your profile to a different device.

Graphics settings

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Like any online game, you can customize your graphics to fit based on your device’s capability so you can play smoothly.

For one, you don’t have to activate the Ultra HD graphics even if your phone supports it, as it lowers your frame per second. You may adjust your graphics either on HD or medium for an optimum gaming experience.

Shooting mode

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There are two kinds of shooting modes to use based on what kind of player you are. If you’re pretty new to the game, you can go for Simple to familiarize yourself with the game. Simple Mode allows you to fire automatically towards an enemy without your scope. But if you want to get far ahead playing the game, simply switch to Advanced Mode.

Choosing class

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Before getting right into the game itself, you’ll be given a choice to pick your class. These six classes are:

  • Medic – The healer in class, it allows you to set up your medical station and heal your teammates when they stand inside the circle you set up. It also enables your character to revive a teammate faster when he is knocked down.
  • Scout – As the name implies, this class is specialized in scouting the perimeters. It allows you to see enemies’ footprints for a longer duration or have a sensor dart that shows you all players in your vicinity.
  • Clown – Pretty much the “Joker” card in class, as it can summon zombies by throwing a toy bomb. It’s also an anti-zombie character, reducing the zombie awareness distance to 15 meters.
  • Ninja – This class is buffed with movement variety, as you have a grappling hook that can maneuver you to a location with it anytime, whether you need to escape or go to higher ground. It also has the Dead Silence ability, where you can move around without noise.
  • Mechanic – A class that relies heavily on technology to game the upper hand in the game. This class has an EMP Drone where you can disable enemy tech when needed. The mechanic is a vital player in battle tactics and map navigation.
  • Defender – The literal frontliner in the bunch, this class flaunts its shields to ward off barrages of bullets using the Transform Shield and Reinforced Ability. Defender is a vital class in all situations, especially when explosives and a sea of zombies are coming in both directions.

Gameplay modes

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There are three main modes in the game so far: Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies.

Multiplayer comes with five sub-modes in terms of winning the game on certain conditions: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Frontline, and Hardpoint.

On the other hand, Battle Royale features three categories based on the number of players in a team: Solos, Duos, and Quads.

Finally, Zombies mode is all about shooting ’em up zombies, where you go to various linear-based missions in a four-player co-op.

Newbies in the game may also try Practice vs. AI mode to help them familiarize themselves with the gameplay modes and the objectives.


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