Telegram announced new updates and features for its messaging app, including group video calls that can house up to 1,000 viewers via Group Video Calls 2.0.

Other new updates include better quality video messages, screen sharing with sound, among others.

The Group Video Calls 2.0 can let 30 users broadcast video from their camera and screen and allow 1,000 people to watch it. This makes it ideal for online lectures and presentations. Telegram also plans to increase the limit.

Video Messages 2.0, meanwhile, provides a higher resolution. It also allows you to tap on a video message to expand it for wider viewing. Other commands include tapping on an expanded video message, which pauses and will enable you to fast forward or rewind the message if you missed a word.

Audio from the device will also keep running as you record, enabling you to sing along to your music or reply without having to pause your podcast. In addition, recording with your rear camera lets you zoom in, capture things at a distance, or add a dramatic effect.

Telegram’s Video Playback Speed is also available to use, ranging from 0.5x to 2x speed in the media player. For Android users, press and hold the 2x button when playing voice or video messages to use the feature.

Screen Sharing now comes with Sounds, which is available for 1-on-1 calls or in broadcasting a video call. In addition, users can choose a camera or share their screen when switching on video during any call.

The Desktop app version now comes with a photo editor. This feature allows users to crop, rotate, or flip images and even add drawings or stickers to their pictures. In addition, an edited version can be sent as uncompressed files as an option, a feature unique to the desktop.

Besides these humongous features, Telegram will also have timestamp links, auto-delete messages after one month, passcode animations, password recovery and reminders, lightweight animations on Android, among others.

Telegram app is available for free on Desktop, Android, iOS platforms.


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