Online makeshift in education and learning requires the support of telcos. Image by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay.

Former University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Chancellor Dr. Michael Tan urged the telecommunications companies (telcos) to support e-learning arrangements within the education sectors.

Now a medical anthropologist and professor at UP, Tan said that academic institutions must shift to online classes for the next school year since education cannot wait for the end of the pandemic to normalize.

“I have a suggestion to our telcos… They have to bring down the cost and hope they will also set up packages to help our students and faculty,” said Tan.

According to Tan, UP discovered through a survey that about 20% can conduct and are equipped to facilitate classes online. Some students, especially living in the provinces, also suffer too weak Internet connection to be able to access online education, much less own a personal laptop or a smartphone.

Tan said that UP is also looking at adopting to asynchronous learning, in which students who don’t have Internet access at the time of the class can receive and view the materials when uploaded online.

“We are thinking of saving that materials in USB and other devices, and then sent to students or even hard copies of lessons will be mailed to them,” Tan added.


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