With the end of the pandemic still nowhere in sight, people are slowly embracing how to manage time while being productive inside their respective homes. Now that home-based jobs are the reality of most employees, it’s a must to always keep your gadgets and devices in check, as well as all the stuff you do online. Here are quick reminders on how to maintain a healthy state for both your devices and your virtual activities.

  • Regularly clean surfaces of your most-used devices.

As authorities often mentioned, the most effective way to prevent disease-causing viruses is to always keep your hands clean. Apart from this, it’s also important to sanitize what your hands usually touch and that includes devices like laptops and smartphones.

Tech companies have recommended to clean device surfaces using a microfiber cloth poured with a 70% alcohol solution. Remember to turn off the gadgets first before cleaning them and don’t put too much pressure on wiping as this might damage the screens of the devices.

  • Don’t overcharge.

This might be an old reminder but it seems like it’s one of the rules that most people neglect especially during quarantine. While it’s convenient to just keep working with the plug of your smartphones or laptops connected the whole day, this might lead to serious damage to the battery of your device. Remember to plug and unplug chargers when necessary.

  • Be careful with food and beverages that might spill on your devices.

Food is undeniably a good motivation during demanding workloads and a good companion in binge-watching sessions. Always be mindful not to spill drinks or any liquid on your devices as this might cause unrepairable damages to internal parts of your laptop, smartphone, or any electronic device that isn’t waterproof. Also, make it a habit to always remove food crumbs on device surfaces to avoid attracting insects.

  • Invest in a trustworthy anti-virus software.

The internals of your devices are as important as the hardware. Remember to check on stuff that isn’t visible to the naked eye, including the overall health of your device’s memory and storage. Keep them safe from malware by installing a capable anti-virus software. There are a lot of options easily accessible through the web, you just have to find the right offering to cover and protect all your devices.

  • Be cautious of your online activities.

Cyberattacks don’t stop even if the world is battling a deadly pandemic. This is actually an advantageous situation for the bad buys to steal personal and sensitive information by sending malicious links to internet users. Remember not to just click on any URL especially when it’s from a suspicious source.

That’s it, folks! This ECQ, stay safe and be mindful of both of your personal hygiene and cyber hygiene.


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