Photo by Austin Distel.

Being up-to-date with whatever is going on around the world is easier, thanks to the Internet. On the downside, however, it also means scouring tons of information 24/7.

Thankfully, there are apps and platforms out there that can efficiently manage the flow of information that you get.

Zig (iOS, Android, Web)

Zig will take you only a few seconds to keep you informed of what’s trending by showing you images and one-liner headlines.

The platform requires you to pick up topics that interest you so you will get relevant news.

Feedly (iOS, Android, Web)

A news aggregator platform, Feedly is designed for those who are still using the old-school Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed with extra features and tools, such as a read-it-later list and the capability to add notes and highlights for a unique reading experience.

Feedly allows you to put all your favorite and most-read blogs, articles, and other websites neatly and professionally in one place.

Google News (iOS, Android, Web)

Considering that Google covers everything circulating on the web, it’s not surprising for the company to also have its own news aggregator service.

What’s best about Google News is that it shows you a map of everything you need to read about without missing crucial details.

It gives you relevant news sources depending on what you like or thumb down and what kind of content you’ve been Googling.

It also features what’s trending in your local home or across the world. Take it like Twitter, but more complex and deliberative.

TweetDeck (Web, macOS)

Speaking of Twitter, hardcore users of the social media site would love this platform as it gives you more options to surf through whatever users are tweeting most about in the medium.

Through TweetDeck, Tweetaholics can access new tweets better using real-time updating and advanced searches or filters.

Digg (iOS, Android, web)

If you want to be that early bird who gets the juicy and thoughtful content to amaze your peers, then look no further to Digg.

It hosts articles that you’re not likely to find under the normal terms of online surfing or browsing, serving you unconventional stories you can share and talk about with your friends for more meaningful conversations.


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