Finally, Philippines had its own mobile application to track individuals showing Covid-19 symptoms thanks to Manila-based developer Multisys Technologies Corporation and Philippines’ task force against the dreaded virus, called that allows users to report their health conditions and those of their family members, created free of charge to the national government, as per the National Task Force against COVID-19.

Multisys founder and Chief Executive Officer David Almirol Jr. shared that the platform was intended to aid the national government, local government units, frontliners, and private entities to monitor the health condition of residents as well as conduct a more efficient contact tracing. He said the app has complied with the Data Privacy Act and will not ask users to disclose sensitive information.

“We are not asking for the birthdate because if you capture the birthdate, you are [violating] the data privacy, but we capture the age so we are not violating the data privacy,” Almirol said.

In the online registration process, users are inquired regarding having or feeling any coronavirus symptoms in which the answers provided will generate a result whether the user has mild, moderate or severe condition depending on the number of symptoms the user is manifesting. The data will then be sent to a “heat map” in the platform’s main dashboard that displays the places and the population exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

From this dashboard, frontliners, local government units, and private entities has the access to the administrator where they can keep track of the number of confirmed cases, persons under investigation and monitoring, deaths, recovered patients, and the location of the patients. They will also be alerted to quickly address to severe Covid-19 cases and will provide direct online consultations to the patients.

You may check the website here for more details:

As of this writing, there are 4,076 confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far with 203 critical and 124 recoveries.