Communication is vital these times but choosing the right tool for the job is important as well.

If you’re looking for other messaging apps aside from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of other apps to choose from.


Those who are into Facebook Story on which they spent every waking moment in their life putting up photos of their daily lives, you may also try Snapchat where you can upload pictures along with thousands of words.

Snapchat supports text messages, voice calls, and video messages, too. The app is designed for messaging friends and family members through photos or video clips instead of just sending them words.

Whatever you send will be deleted momentarily after the receiver had viewed it. It doesn’t store files that you have to send and no history to speak off.

It’s for these attractive features that this image-based messaging app is famous among millennials and Gen Zs who prefer sharing their photos or videos without embarrassing themselves later.


Similar to WhatsApp, Viber is a free social chatting app focused on business use.

It comes with great features aside from the necessities, such as having an app lock, self-destruct chat, secret chats, and hosts worldwide news and updates depending on what community chat group you join in.

You can be updated with the headlines service that it has, such as updates about the COVID-19 situation in the Philippines through the Department of Health (DOH).

It’s a little bulky in storage, but it’s a must-have for business communication. It also has in-app purchases. Unless you want a particular sticker or avail of an international-based call that requires you to pay up, its essential communication commodities are all you’re going to need for the most part.


If you’re familiar with the telegraph, you already know why this app is named like it.

True to its marketing, Telegram is a cross-platform messaging app renowned for its cutting-edge security. It comes with 256-bit symmetrical AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption, among others.

It features all what you would need in a messaging app with various extras on top of it: file sharing, group chats, secret chat, GIF support, customizable themes, and much more.

It also has timed messaging feature, in which the message will expire when the assigned time is due.

Telegram also has bot features capable of doing anything users want to upon a given command. This is highly recommended for individuals, groups, communities, and businesses opting for a leak-proof app where you can send messages without worry.


A leading messaging app among gamers, Discord is also a cross-platform app that features server-based chat groups to create your group of peers as large as a community.

Besides the core messaging features, it comes with voice chat perfect for streaming with friends and multiple text chats that can create different kinds of conversation hubs, GIF support, and more.

Discord is famous among gamers due to its complex and gamified character. It has a bot system that can do anything under codified commands.

The app hosts a lot of table-top roleplaying game communities online. Although you want to enjoy all that it has to offer, you must pay up through a Discord Nitro subscription. The free version, however, will still leave you amazed.


A messaging app that comes with many benefits for a price, Line remains solid as a counterpart to Viber. The app supports group calls for about 200 users.

It also comes with free domestic and international calls to contact your friends and family as much as you want. You can also receive and send money through the app.

Downloading is free, you still get the basic messaging features. In-app purchases include premium stickers, themes, and games.

The app also has a unique touch that enables users to set up albums that can be shared with others within the app or watch YouTube together while in a call.


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