Businesses perform different tasks on a daily basis and just like an ordinary individual, they rely on technology. Technology helps in keeping one’s business run smoothly. From its human resources, finances, marketing and customer service- all of these efficiently with the use of technology. And when it comes to either measuring or improving the business productivity, these businesses depend on business software to assure that all aspects of the business are functioning seamlessly.


IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are just some of the most common names when it comes to computer software solutions. Unknown to many, most of the programmers and information technology workers behind these global brands are actually either Indians or Filipinos. This is why there is a high hope in the Philippines that we can be soon independent of these global tech brand mammoths.


Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions INC.; is a Philippine-based software development company promises to fulfill the needs of software solutions here in the country. This can be achieved if the Filipinos skill sets are combined with the right amount of entrepreneurial spirit.


It was in 2012 when a young Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur started the company. Mr. Ash Co Kehyeng headed the passionate and talented individuals utilizing robust software architecture, and a strong work-ethic on delivering quality products and services. They provide branded software solutions for businesses as well as fully-customized software that can cater to any organization’s need.

I was also the founder of City Delivery, (now Food Panda) the leading multirestaurant delivery services in the Philippines, which was acquired by a global e-commerce group. At that time, I couldn’t find a reliable IT company that was cost effective and can give good after- sales support and so, this is the reason why I founded my own IT company. I appreciate the benefit of technology and how it enables, supports and grows businesses,” shares Mr. Co Kehyeng as he reminisced on how the company started.

More commonly referred to as QAlpha, the company is Mr. Co Kehyeng’s first start-up venture in the software industry.
“I started the software company as I genuinely love how technology can help businesses. I saw that with the help of IT, business operations get easier to manage. People work faster, managed better and work more diligently with IT by their side,” adds technopreneur Mr. Co Kehyeng.

QAlpha sets itself apart from its competitors through their understanding of client needs on a business level and translate that into software solutions that make the client’s business more efficient. Their unique proposition that lies in their brand of client service: when clients have concerned, you can be assured that the project management team can get back to them. The after-sales culture of QAlpha is strong such that whatever the client needs, QAlpha provides on demand within a reasonable service level agreement.

Today, QAlpha provides a whole spectrum of IT services from consultancy, business process outsourcing, network administration & maintenance, software development, system integration, and even hardware procurement and distribution. However, their specialty still lies in business software and customized software services.

Regardless of a client’s business size, business software developed by QAlpha are designed and developed as a complete turn-key, end-to- end solution for the target process.


Among the varied systems they have developed within the different industries such as retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, logistics, real estate,and government include:
• Warehouse & Inventory Mgt. Systems
• Human Resources Information Systems
• Time-Keeping and Payroll System
• Inventory Management System
• Billing & Sales Management
• Purchasing Management System
• Customer Relationship Management System

All these information systems and business software are fortified with the following cutting-edge technology and features:
• Support for multi-user – licensing is per software not per user.
• Cloud-Based System – access from any device anywhere and anytime.
• Mobile Integration – application on the mobile version (iOS and Android).
• Platform Friendly – optimized on any device or browser platform.
Furthermore, QAlpha prides itself in their technical expertise to craft any software or program that their client would need.
Customized software is a key product to address the specific needs of a client or software through their business analysts and subject matter experts. This flexibility is a strength of QAlpha, albeit customization is a very tedious process from requirements gathering, software architecture definition, up to system design, to produce a best-quality software.

They have developed custom-made software for a Movie Ticketing System, a Restaurant Reservation System, and Telephony for Call Centers.

QAlpha envisions itself to be the leader in technology and software innovation through cutting-edge and quality solutions.

Some of their key clients include Gaisano Malls Davao & Cebu, Lily’s Peanut Butter, Doctor Leather, Serenitea, Domino’s Pizza, Topbest Pest Control, Novo, and Vikings Buffet, among others. And with the kind testimonies given by their clients, QAlpha is not far from being the leader in technology and software innovation.
Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions is committed to creating quality end to-end business software services. Their industry knowledge, both local and global in scale enables them to provide customers with innovative service suites that help improve productivity and achieve business success, just as how Mr. Co Kehyeng envisioned it to be.

On a final note, Mr. Ash Co Kehyeng persists that “Quadrant Alpha as a company, envisions being the best in Philippine software. We want to be one of the companies that will put the Philippines on the map for software, e-commerce, and development. We believe that by solid skills in development coupled with business expertise, we can help businesses in scalability and efficiency through the right technology. ”

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