Spotify Enhance

Don’t trust a friend’s music list? Spotify just launched a way for listeners to get recommendations automatically. With Spotify Enhance, the app now offers Premium users up to 30 suggestions in their playlist.

The function can be toggled in and out of will by simply tapping the button at the top of each playlist.

Spotify will add song suggestions into each playlist, one after every two tracks added for a max of 30 recommendations. Users will know if these are recommended by seeing a plus icon, an option that allows users to add the songs to their playlist.

The Spotify Enhance feature is only available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the US. It’s exclusively available to Premium iOS and Android users. Update your app to the latest version to enjoy Enhance.

“With Enhance, we’re helping our listeners do more of what they love: curate their playlists with great recommendations,” the company commented. “Enhance will continue to evolve as we learn more, so stay tuned for those updates down the road.”


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