Sony showcased the much-anticipated console of the year, Playstation 5, which revealed the global launch schedule and game titles exclusively playable in the console, such as Final Fantasy XVI. However, several fans got disappointed when Sony released the pre-order program rather spontaneously.

Updating on September 17, Sony confirmed that PS5 pre-orders would begin as “early as tomorrow” and onwards without detailing the date and time. Instead, pre-orders went live via online retail the morning after the showcase event. It went haywire. The online retail website crashed as the new console went out of stock moments after it was announced.

This led fans in a fit of rage, as they bombarded comments on Twitter about their discontent over the mismanaged pre-orders. Afterward, Sony attempted to reconcile the issue by putting up another pre-orders but was only invitational. Many of them didn’t get the change to get their pre-orders even while showing up on time, including YouTube and Twitch personalities, in the end.

In light of this, Sony apologized for mishandling the pre-order event and wished it could’ve gotten “smoother.” The company also bared they will release more PS5 consoles for pre-order with retailers to share the details over the next few days.


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