Photo courtesy of Eloisa Lopez. Reuters.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) warned that the proposal to regulate social media use under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) of 2020 is vague and “susceptible to overreach in terms of guaranteeing the right to privacy and right of individuals to express their ideas freely.”

“There is nothing in the law that allows for the regulation of social media to push for the inclusion of such questionable provision would go beyond the legislative intent of the law, justifying the fears of the people instead already against the law,” said CHR Spokesperson Jacqueline de Guia.

Earlier, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay planned to propose the inclusion of social media regulation in the ATA, claiming that terrorists are also using social media to “radicalize, recruit, and even plan terrorist acts.”

De Guia, however, argues that the law does not state the regulation of social media and it would go beyond its legislative intent if the proposal proceeds.


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