Accessing the internet has never been easier! With different bundles and surf promos made for the convenience of various smart phone users, be it students, professionals, home makers, and even bloggers, it is not surprising if the future of communication lies with mobile data. True enough 2016 records show 1/3 of PLDT’s wireless business came from mobile data revenues of Smart Communications, having edged out voice calls and text messaging!

In fact, Smart Communications has posted sustained growth in its mobile data business, with revenues up by 26 percent to P25.5 billion in 2016 from only P20.2 billion previously. Mobile data really is defining the telecommunication business today.
How does smart respond to the paradigm shift in the industry?

To support the rapidly increasing data traffic, Smart has accelerated its roll out of LTE and 3G data networks under a three-year program that includes the use of low-band frequencies such as 700 Mhz for high-speed LTE services.

The program is currently being applied to Metro Davao subscribers where they constantly enjoy average data download speeds of over 20 Mbps. Do not be sad Metro Manila and Cebu, for Smart’s LTE upgrade is coming to you as well. The program is currently allowing areas where new LTE facilities have been installed experience improvements in data speed.

Even higher data speeds of 80 to 90 Mbps have been registered in selected areas where LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) facilities have been activated.  LTE-A can deliver higher data rates by combining two or more frequency bands using carrier aggregation technology.

Our LTE roll-out highlights the opportunity for people to experience significantly much better internet service by shifting to LTE smartphones, particularly those devices that use the 700 Mhz frequency.

Eric R. Alberto, PLDT executive vice president and chief revenue officer

Smart is not alone in their #InternetForAll plans, for with them are smart phones brands like Oppo, O+ USA, MyPhone, and Starmobile which has struck a bundle deal with them, helping in speeding up the adoption of LTE handsets.

But wait, there’s more Smart along with PLDT and Cignal has partnered with global entertainment leader Fox to offer its subscribers exclusive Fox+, an app that provides access to over 11,000 hours of high-definition TV and movie content. The Walking Dead , Homeland and other series are now added to the growing library of popular video content assembled by Smart and PLDT through partnerships with iflix, Netflix, Cignal and ABS CBN’s iWantTV.

So many offers at unbelievable speed, that is the future of mobile data that Smart offers.


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