Smart GigaPlay

Smart recently launched GigaPlay for subscribers to watch free and exclusive content on mobile!

GigaPlay app lets mobile users watch exclusive live sports and music events and stream videos anytime, anywhere nationwide. This includes streaming live concerts, sports, and even K-idol shows—all without a subscription fee. 

GigaPlay is only accessible to Smart subscribers, including: 

  • Prepaid – Smart Prepaid, TNT, Bro Prepaid, PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid
  • Postpaid – Smart Postpaid (all plans, Infinity), Smart Bro Postpaid

Smart outs GigaPlay app with free, exclusive content for subscribers

While subscribers can use the app by entering their phone number, streamers need a Smart Prepaid or Postpaid mobile number specifically.

There’s no registration for a data pack required to watch content on GigaPlay, except for NBA, if you use your Smart mobile data or PLDT WiFi connection. There are also no additional fees needed. 

Smart Prepaid subscribers must register for a Giga Video or Giga Video Pro data pack to watch NBA content. Meanwhile, Smart Signature Postpaid, Bro Postpaid, and Infinity Plan holders are free of registration.

The GigaPlay app is already live and downloadable for both iOS and Android platforms. For more details about this new app, visit Smart’s official website


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