Singapore’s pinnacle arts festival announces an exciting lineup of programs to wrap up 2020. Presented by Arts House Limited (AHL), this next wave of shows, workshops, talks, and podcasts programmed between October and December showcases the resilience and resourcefulness of artists in the face of once unimaginable challenges wrought by the pandemic, bringing Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) at the forefront of the new normal in arts and entertainment.

Here are some of the programs featured in SIFA:

Thousand Ways

A new kind of theatre that embraces a live, interactive experience through distance and negotiating shared space. Devised by American theatre-makers 600 HIGHWAYMEN, the three-part intricately crafted encounters display how the most intimate assembly can be profoundly radical. 

The Silence of a Falling Tree

A new collective created by COMPOUND and led by multi-disciplinary Singaporean artist Irfan Kasban. An immersive auditory journey that features instructions, dialogue, Foley, field recordings, and original compositions – all while taking advantage of social distancing as a medium of transmission.  

A Bird Calls You to Moscow

An audio journey produced by SIFA 2019 artist and director Tan Shou Chen and written by playwright and theatre-maker Joel Tan. Transfiguring the themes of separation and isolation found in Chekov’s original to a new work situated in contemporary Singapore, the piece explores how these themes can be mapped onto us today, interspersed with the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov played by pianist Albert Tiu. 

“I’m delighted by the wonderful reception the first wave of SIFA v2.020 had – one thing it clearly demonstrated was how much audiences are looking forward to being back in a theatre. Despite the countless challenges we are facing, artists have shown tenacity and grit. Over the next three months, SIFA will create a space for them to explore, reflect, and share different ways of making art in this new environment. We cannot wait to share this with audiences,” said Festival Director Gaurav Kripalani.

Accessible through the SIFA All-Access online platform, SIFv2.020 is presented by AHL as part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign. For more information and updates on SIFA v2.020, please visit


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