Smartphones are prone to host disruptive kinds of malware and this is specifically true in the case of Android devices as they are more open-sourced in terms of accepting or downloading mobile applications compared to iOS devices.

Whether your device runs on Android or iOS, both of them can still be vulnerable to malware if you’re not careful. To determine if there is malware in your phone, here are the telling signs:

  • Unfamiliar apps – this is the most common sign that your phone has malware. Unless your baby brother had downloaded an app by accident, better uninstall these fake apps immediately if you don’t remember downloading them yourself.
  • Excessive app crashing – While it’s normal for your apps to crash at times on your phone, facing it regularly without exact cause likely indicates a malware is on the loose wreaking mayhem on your phone.
  • Adware pop-ups – You took a break and decided to play a round of Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, or whatever game you have, but an ad randomly popped up on your screen for some reason. It could be because of adware, a type of malware that frustrates victims with interruptive ads.
  • Faster battery drain – If you think it’s normal for your 4000mAH phone to be draining out of battery even while you’re not using it, think again. Malware may have been working hard on ruining your phone that it takes massive amounts of energy.
  • Increased data usage – This is an uncommon but painstakingly obvious sign that your phone is entrapped with malware. This type of malware eats up your mobile data to download dangerous apps or subscribe to services behind your back. Incidentally, this is what happened to some of the smartphones by Tecno.
  • Unexplained phone bill increases – If your data is not affected by the sign mentioned above, perhaps it’s your precious phone bill. SMS Malware sends premium SMS messages from your phone.
  • Overheating – overheating is relatively normal and harmless, especially when you grind with your phone, but in stranger cases, it’s highly likely a malware infecting the system of your phone.



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