Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan lamented over the World Health Organization’s (WHO) assessment revealing that the Philippines has the fastest surge of COVID-19 cases in the Western Pacific Region.

“That was the most diplomatic way of saying that we here in the Philippines has the worst situation among other countries in the whole Western Pacific region. That the Philippines failed in resolving the pandemic,” said Pangilinan.

Senator Joel Villanueva also shared the same sentiments, stating that the country has lost its focus on the primary goal of containing the virus.

“We reopened the economy drastically, even for the non-essential sectors like POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators). We did not prohibit malls from extending their operating hours. We terminated social assistance, sent people back to work even without sufficient modes of public transportation,” said Villanueva.

“There was no clear guidance on surveillance and epidemiological monitoring. The current statistics are obviously consequences of these actions,” he added.

Villanueva called out to the government to settle a methodologically sound epidemiological surveillance in order to make informed decisions on policy approach regarding COVID-19.


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