Epic Games Store announced it would be releasing a closed beta test of the platform’s self-publishing tools. 

The closed beta test of this feature would be a starting point for allowing game developers to release titles on Epic Games Store. 

According to the company, it would specifically “streamline the process for game developers to set up their product pages, achievements, pricing, offers, and upload builds and updates on the Epic Games Store.” As a result, it would save time and effort for both the company and its clients.

Requirements for publishing games include any game titles must also “launch, run, and be consistent with the product description presented to users via their Product Details Page.” In addition, multiplayer-based titles must have cross-play support across all PC storefronts. 

As mentioned, the self-publishing tools are only available on closed beta, where select participants can “stress-test the toolset and improve it with developers’ feedback while increasing the number of games and apps on the Epic Games Store.”

Any interested developers can actually apply to the testing process. However, for now, it is only including game developers who aren’t working on VR experiences. It will expand to other game makers in the future. Here’s the link to get started. 


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