A fresh graduate from Tarlac State University shared a statement on Facebook that youth has a right to be critical of the government’s policies, which earned an ire from Duterte administration supporters to file a petition to strip him of his educational entitlements.

Jejomar Contawe put up a Facebook post with a photo of him holding a placard that says: “Iskolar ng Filipino taxpayers, hindi ng f***ing government.” He pointed out that scholars like him earned their education from taxes of Filipinos and not from the government.

“And so I unashamedly repeat: we owe nothing to the government. It is the government which owes something to us,” Contawe added.

His post went viral across Twitter and even on Reddit. In light of this, the administration’s supporters filed an ongoing Change.org petition titled “Make Jejomar Contawe reimburse all expenses paid by the government for his education,” initiated by a certain Linda Gabisan. It has over 37,000 signatories from its 50,000 target as of this writing.

Meanwhile, some users in social media like @ricci_richy questioned the “selective” judgment against the critic scholar when “they haven’t made any petition or call to ask PhilHealth officials accountable for the rampant corruption?”


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