Samsung shares ways to get the most out of devices at home. Image from Samsung.

There is no question that smartphones had recently became an all-in-one device essential to everyday life, from your digital tool assisting your work to your daily dose of entertainment at the end of the day all within at the palm of your hand. It’s capable of connecting one person to another, capturing memories through an image, gathering and providing you relevant information, and even buying groceries at the comforts of your home.

Samsung, being one of the leading mobile manufacturers across the world, provides its customers various ways to get the most out of their most out of its smartphones, tablets, and accessories while quarantined at home.


The Galaxy A71 and S20 Series are designed for an optimized and immersive streaming and gaming experience, which are built with hi-tech displays and an all-day battery life.

Galaxy Tabs are the go-to in looking for bigger screen, which can be paired with Samsung’s accessory and devices such as the new Galaxy Buds+ that offers rich, realistic, quality sound for your viewing marathons and gameplay sessions.


Samsung’s Galaxy are also about health and fitness, inspiring fellow users to stay fit by watching workout videos and Samsung’s earbuds when joining online fitness classes to get whipped into shape.

Get inspired to be physically healthy at home by watching workout videos. Use smartphones and earbuds when joining virtual fitness classes to stay in shape.

Furthermore, Galaxy devices have a built-in Samsung Health app that tracks users’ recent workouts, food and water intake, weight, and even sleeping habits. Samsung also had its handful of tools and devices for fitness the likes of Galaxy Fit and Watch Active2 to help users stay connected with a health partner, rendering them to be informed on users’ health and remind them what other things they need to know concerning their overall health.


Galaxy Tabs should be mentioned twice, due to its capability on providing learning tools and games for children to be edutained while at home. The Galaxy Tabs has the Samsung Kids+ application that has a library of fun activities, books, and education videos.

For adults, they can spend their time reading e-books and pertinent information from online news sites using the Galaxy Tabs where news and lifestyle applications are available.


When computers can only do so much, smartphones are designed for its portability and multi-functionalities. Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 Series, for one, is powered with Microsoft so users can utilize Word, Excel, and Powerpoint when needed. It also has an intuitive S-Pen for users to jot down notes as real as writing using traditional pen and paper.

Smartphones and tablets, together with their accompanying accessories, have reshaped the way we communicate with our friends, family, and relatives as these increase users’ efficiency, inspire creativity, and simply bring joy to the family.

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