The leading social listening and analytics company Talkwalker recently released an international Social Media Trends report, surveying over 2,000 global brands and agency clients. 

Under the study, “remixing” or the art of taking existing content and recreating them to some new as a way of self-expression is trending. “Remixing” is becoming popular in content creation applications such as TikTok, Koji, and Instagram Reels.

“When people weren’t able to head outside to create new content, they still had the tools to at least reinvent it,” it stated.

From the data analysis, Talkwalker expects content remixing will increase in use by 2021, especially with several brands adopting such forms of creating content to engage with their audiences that stand out from the crowd.

Talkwalker also foresees remixing content as a way to better create organic connections between companies and consumers, with brands providing the templates themselves for users to base their content off.


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