Recycling now made easier with TrashPanda app, available on Android


A local app that encourages Filipinos to care more about the environment is now available in Google Play.

TrashPanda is a new recoverable waste management app developed by Circula Recoon. Users can ping them in to collect their recyclable materials and bring them to partner facilities for recycling and processing.

These materials include clean plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and tin cans, among others that Trash Panda collectors can collect for you at the comfort of your home.

Upon using this app, Filipinos can enjoy these features:

  • Book recoverable waste collection services for collecting your waste for recycling and recovery
  • Monitor your positive environmental impacts through collection trackers and statistics
  • Learn to overcome waste management challenges through coaching and tutorials suited to your lifestyle

Trash Panda is available for Android users for now. But the startup company is already planning to make the app available on other platforms soon.

For more updates, visit the Circula Recoon’s website or follow Trash Panda’s official Facebook page.