Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation’s (RCBC) virtual bank, DiskarTech, took the lead as one of the free finance apps in Google Play for Android users while claiming the second rank on the App Store, taking over veteran apps, PayMaya and GCash, in the market.

The app reached about half a million downloads in less than a month as of July 30, translating as 50 Filipinos downloading the app per minute.

Diskartech stands out from the competition due to its variety of financial tools, such as bills payment for utilities and government services. It also has a unique feature that includes users setting up personal goals, such as saving for computers for e-learning.

It also features telemedicine for Filipinos to access affordable alternative digital healthcare. Other functionalities offered within the app include loan products and a skills marketplace.

Available for download on both iOS and Android devices, Filipinos can register an account by mobile and sign up by writing a username or a nickname. Verify your account using the invite code AAGX5385 and immediately receive 10 pesos right off the bat.


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