Acronis released its second annual Cyber Protection Week survey, revealing a dangerous disconnect between company’s need to keep their data protected and the ineffective investments they’ve made trying to reach that goal.

While the companies have heftily invested new solutions in protecting and securing remote works amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they remain ineffective. From the global survey, about 80% of companies running up to 10 different protection and cybersecurity solutions simultaneously, but 50% still encounter downtime from data loss.

The conclusion gathered from this survey is that adding more solutions will not solve cyber threats and data protection challenges.

“This year’s Cyber Protection Week survey clearly illustrates that more solutions do not deliver greater protection, as using separate tools to address individual types of exposure is complicated, inefficient, and costly,” said Serguei “SB” Beloussov, Founder and CEO of Acronis.

“These findings confirm our belief that the smarter approach is cyber protection, which unifies data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management in one,” he added.

As cybersecurity challenges will continue to evolve amid the new normal, Acronis recommended these helpful steps:

  • Create backups of essential data. Keep multiple copies of your backups, with one local copy for fast recovery and one off-site in the cloud to guarantee recovery if a disaster destroys your copies.
  • Update your operating systems and applications. Outdated systems and apps lack the security fixes that stop cybercriminals from gaining access. Regular patching is required to avoid exploits.
  • Avoid suspicious emails, links, and attachments. Most malware infections result from social engineering techniques that trick unsuspecting individuals into opening infected email attachments or clicking on links to websites that host malware.
  • Install antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware software while enabling automatic updates, so your system is protected against malware.
  • Consider adopting a single cyber protection solution to have the central management and integrated protection needed to meet today’s IT requirements.

More information about the Cyber Protection Week survey is found here.


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