In a bid to enhanced seamless education even through online arrangements, the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) partnered with Globe, adopting the integrations of G Suite Enterprise for Education that allowed the university to upgrade its digital learning environment.

G Suite Enterprise for Education features advanced video meeting capabilities, powerful search tools, unlimited originality reports, and enhanced security controls designed for hosting online classes. Likewise, PWU also benefited from acquiring Google Classroom that features an unlimited originality reports feature, ensuring the students’ integrity and authenticity of work submitted.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the need for digital transformation across our entire institution. While we had started a university-wide enterprise resource planning project as early as last year, as well as several attempts at a learning management system as early as four years ago, COVID-19 greatly accelerated the need to adopt digital technology, particularly in the delivery of learning,” shares Marco Alfredo M. Benitez, President of PWU.


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