Both private and public schools are calling for local government units’ (LGUs) support to acquire needed connectivity and internet access in boosting the online learning standards of their students, with the resumption of classes being only a month away.

This request was underscored during the opening session of the Liveable Cities Labs: Webinar Series on the topic, “Online Education Under COVID,” organized by the Liveable Cities Challenge (LCC), the League of Cities of the Philippines and Globe Business.

During the webinar, the Department of Education (DepEd) urged the LGUs to assist in creating a resilient educational system.

“Aside from giving out tablets and phones, they can help by providing access or connectivity with a point to point connection and a wide area network to connect the students and teachers,” said Dr. Salustiano Jimenez, DepEd Director of Region VII.

Compared to last year, only 27% of private school students have enrolled back in private institutions due to the pandemic. In light of this, DepEd prepares its Basic Education continuity plan that includes flexible learning methods and tools to adapt to the demand for online learning.


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