The more people spend their time at home, the more they’re likely to use their smartphone to find entertainment. But with the cyber threats continue to rise, downloading and installing applications to your device might cause harm to you.

Not many people are aware that some popular apps are just as dangerous as the unknown ones. To keep your device safe from malware or virus, better avoid the following apps that are dangerous to download despite being popular or highly useful.

ES File Explorer or other file manager tools

ES File Explorer is famous for being a handy file management tool, but its free version consisted of bloatware and ad-ware trying to get you to download other apps that you can’t disable.

Although the app has been removed from Google Play, app copycats are found on the platform and APK variations are out there. It’s better not to download the app at all as it’s not entirely trustworthy.

Clean Master or other junk file cleaner app

Cleaning apps such as Clean Master is a handy tool that primarily cleans your device with speed booster and battery saver as its additional features.

Over 600 million users pretty used this app until it was finally removed last year.

Its removal, however, didn’t dwindle its use as there are still APK of it available on third party sources, which you should not even try finding and downloading for your device, ever.

It contains bloatware and annoying pop-up ads, leaving your device vulnerable to unwanted third-party alerts and slowing your device even further down.

SuperVPN or other free VPN apps

You probably have the idea by now that most free apps are relatively suspicious. And it would be best if you raised alarm bells regarding free security apps that provide you online privacy on the Internet, such as SuperVPN.

Such apps bring more harm than good, having data transmitted through unsecured HTTP, leaving you open from infiltration.


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