Senator Grace Poe slammed the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) outright for failing to address the problem of Internet connectivity in the Philippines.

“Our regulator is very incompetent — I’m sorry to say — but this does not only refer to the officials under this administration, as many of them are carry-over from the past,” Poe lamented.

The NTC is the regulator in the operations of telecommunication and broadcast firms in the country. NTC’s capacity, however, in implementing online or digital learning was questioned due to the “technical problem” that made the Commission not able to participate in a Senate hearing.

“The NTC should be working on improving our connectivity, but as we’ve seen in the hearing, even the NTC cannot connect,” said Poe.

“Isn’t this sad? It’s like a clue on what is really happening with our connectivity and the telecommunications,” she added.


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