50% off on the new DSL PLDT products are very tempting to avail especially if one is a heavy internet user like me.

When I learned about the promo when a friend informed me he is planning to avail the new PLDT promo and encourage me to do the same. Since it the promo is very interesting, I immediately checked the PLDT website to see details. Indeed the promos are really cheap and anyone who sees it might avail the promos immediately.

PLDT New Promo 1

However, there are lots of missing information on the website. I was a bit clueless about the promo and wanted to know more. I tried contacting them through their online chat support but it seems that their representatives are still of line.

I continued to browse on their website but I didn’t for the answer I am looking for with regards to the note “*Discount for Fam Plans 999, 1995, and 3000 does not include the Landline Monthly Service Fee.”

So I ended up calling the hotline number stated on their website and waited for more than 15 minutes in order to have someone on the line. I spoke with a representative and asked a couple of questions and the rep’s answer really disappointed me.

PLDT New Plans 1

Other Charges

Indeed that the 50% discount for the DSL already made the plans really affordable. From Plan 999, the customers will only be paying 499.50 and the Plan 3000 will only cost 1,500.

As I speak with the PLDT representative, she said that there would be an additional charge of P691.75 for the landline services since the promo is only for the Internet service.

For example, for the Plan 999, users will be paying P1191.25 (that is P499.50 for the DSL plus the P691.75 landline monthly service fee).


Surprise Holding Period

The longer I speak with the PLDT representative, I am discovering more about the missing information about the promo on the PLDT website.

I asked the rep about the holding period and she said that the holding period for the plan is 24 months. Well that is quite interesting because that 50% of for 2 years, but then the rep made a follow-up that the holding period is 24 months but the promo will only last for 12 months. Meaning, after 12 months, the subscribers will be paying for the regular rate.


Open for “NEW SUBS” switching from other network

Since the promo is very attractive, I asked the rep if I can upgrade or change my existing PLDT plans in order to avail for the promo, the rep said that the promo is only open for subscribers of the other network. I asked again to clarify but she said that existing PLDT subscribers are not qualified to avail of the promos.

I asked if there might be a possible way that I can avail of the promo, the rep said only subscribers of other networks are qualified.

I asked with I can just apply as a new subscriber and name the account to my sister or my mother; the rep said that it is still not possible. She also clarified that it is required to be a subscriber of a different telco in order to avail of the promo. People who will avail of the new promo are required to submit a statement of account from the other network and a valid ID.

She also mentioned that there are no ongoing promos for existing PLDT subscriber.


PLDT’s new promo is very confusing and seems unfair to existing customers of PLDT. Imagine that loyal subscribers will pay the full amount but those switching from other networks will only be paying half of the price.

Is this just part of a grand plan of PLDT to win back customers especially now that SMC already said that they are coming with or without Telstra?

Be the judge!


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