Although this year’s Christmas would be different due to the pandemic, gamers would still play this holiday season to de-stress and have fun — and that is gaming with gusto.

Those feeling up to be in a jolly mood can boot up games that radiate cheery vibes. And here are our best recommendations:

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Feast of the Winter Star, including secret gift-giving explained •

Stardew Valley is a simulation indie game inspired by Harvest Moon that features additional role-playing elements. That is, you can become more than just a farmer.

It’s relaxing, reflective, and unique from the gameplay to its beautiful original soundtracks composed by the same developer.


Conquering the Backlog Part 6: Video game choice paralysis

A one-of-a-kind video game where you control the wind and color the desolate world up as you travel.

There’s something satisfying about the grass dancing in your wake and bringing these landscapes back to life like you would when coloring a sketchbook.


flOw Images - GameSpot

This mesmerizing game was made for a master’s thesis aimed at the concept of developing a game that curtails to customizing the experience of the players according to their skill levels.

It’s the epitome of a relaxing game with the glowing immersion cranked up to eleven. Progress underwater to the next level or consume bits that slowly transforms you unhurried.

The Rainsdowne Players

Nindie Spotlight: Review: The Rainsdowne Players [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Don’t let this Windows Paint-like pixel game fool you into thinking this is a low-quality game!

Light-hearted and straightforward to play, the game requires you to win the hearts of the audiences throwing junk at you and make the best plays you can come up with at your behest in a rundown theater.

Yakuza series

r/gaming - Yakuza can be wholesome at times.

This may have come off as a big surprise, as the game is primarily about Japanese mafias. But it’s on the list for being weirdly exciting and all-around wholesome amid all those bloody street fights and adult undertones.

As you progress through the compelling storyline, you’ll grow to like the duty-bound idealist Kiryu Kazama before you know it.


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